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All visitors must sign a waiver, even if you aren’t climbing. Waivers are here and you can fill out waivers ahead of time online before you arrive.  Minors, anyone under 18 MUST have a fully-completed waiver, signed only by a parent or legal guardian. No one else can complete a waiver on behalf of a minor, NO EXCEPTIONS.

For visitors convenience we recommend that you complete and submit the agreement online before arriving.  This helps our crew get you climbing sooner and access to our facility.  If you forgot do not worry we have waiver kiosks and can help you here.  


At Climb At Rio safety is a priority.  Climbing is inherently dangerous and taking precautions is vital to reduce the number of accidents that can occur.  First-time visitor will be given a general orientation, this is not optional.  This includes an overview of the facility and guidance on how to properly use the auto belay, bouldering training, and the responsibilities of climbers and Onnit members. Familiarizing yourself with the simple and general rules will allow you to integrate yourself better within our climbing and fitness community.  We share the space and making sure we are all on the same page is beneficial to all that come to Climb At Rio and ensures that everyone is having a good time.  Climbers, after orientation you will have access to the bouldering wall and auto belays.  Onnit members have access to fitness side of the gym.  Orientation is usually brief, but that can vary depending on the size of the group.  Climbers should expect to take 5-10 minutes on orientation, while novices may need 15-30 minutes before they feel ready to start climbing.  


Getting certified in belaying gives climbers the freedom to tryout all the top rope routes available.  Belay classes are available at $25 cost.  Remember getting certified to belay can be revoked and belayer will have to retake the belaying class at their own expense.  

Auto-belay climbing is available and does not require a belayer or additional class time.  Climbing with the aid of the auto-belay is just as fun as tope rope and is easy to accomplish. 


Climbing shoes, harness, and other gear are required, but we do not mind if you bring your own.  Climb At Rio can provide all the rental equipment you need to begin climbing.  Shoe sizing can be a little difficult, so just try to find a size that fits you comfortably.  Later on we can help you find your true size.  


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